Workshop Photos

2010.05 Sarah Hornik workshops

What an amazing workshop! From Gold foil to gravity twirls, sparkle dichro to paladium leaf we had an amazing workshop!

2010.05.09 Cora Bailie 1on1 lampworking

Cora flew up from Christchurch to join me for one on one tuition, we had a fantastic workshop with great results, great effort Cora

2010.05.07 Emma Wylie 1on1 Lampworking

Emma booked a full day one on one tuition with the studio and made the most amazing round beads on her first go WOW! well done Emma

2010.05.02 Enamel Art Clay silver workshop

Wicked enamel and silver workshop. Such amazing images can be achieved when adding glass to the final piece, we had a really cool time and will definitely be running this workshop again

2010.04.15 Teen workshop school holidays

School holidays are a great time to be creative. Working with hot glass is even better! I think we have broken a record in New Zealand for youngest lampworker, Jady is 11 and was 100% able to participate so that is very exciting for the future

2010.04.10 Holly & Robyn Beginners workshop

Holly and Robyn joined the studio to learn how to make glass beads. We had great fun with organic forms and colours, some round beads which is always great and good laughs. Thanks ladies awesome workshop.

2010.03.13 Introduction to Lampworking

Tracy Harris, Lisa Taka and Belinda Sharp came to the studio to learn how to make glass beads, the overall skill level was really great and I expect great things from these three students

2010.01.30 Anne Londez Sculpture workshop

Amazing workshop, Anne Londez glass sculpturalist from Switzerland came to NZ and taught us how to create human form, hollow bubbles, shards, flowers and rings. fantastic weekend

2010.01.26 Nickers Mini lampworking workshop

Nicky, John and Lu all took part in the mini workshop while visiting NZ. Crazy team who I loved to teach, great results!

2010.01.24 Lesley Swan 1on1

Lesley booked in to the technical afternoon Trimlet mandrel workshop and was lucky enough to be a one on one session

2010.01.23 Rebecca Fusing

Rebecca's mum bought her a Red Balloon voucher and she came to learn how to make glass pendants, great work maybe your mum can come for her birthday :)

2010.01.12 Bronnie Bun mini lampworking workshop

Bronwyn visiting from the UK took up the offer of trying her hand at the mini lampworking workshop. Full focus and amazing beads, well done Bron

2010.01.11 Racheal Smith 1on1

Rachael came on holiday from the UK and did the Introduction the beadmaking workshop, it's great to have travellers join us and be inspired

2009.12.13 Cleos Clan fusing workshop

Cleo and her group of friends came to experience glass pendant making. What an amazing collection of creative beings. The pendants were just too beautiful for words, have a look for yourself

2009.12.12 Greenhorn family workshop

The Greenhorns came to the studio as a family and left as a team. As a family each member was predisposed to have the shakes and even then created beads with dots, round shapes and control, excellent job guys

2009.12.02 Teen lampworking workshop

Start of a 5 week programthese young ladies have come to the studio to learn how to play with glass

2009.12.01 Fusing and lampworking

Ellie, Karen and Lorraine came in for a double whammy. Completing the fusing workshop in the morning and mini lampworking workshop in the afternoon was a great day of excitement and starnge experiences. Really great results, well done ladies

2009.11.28 Fusing workshop

Lynne, Gillian and Jane came in as a group of friend and made really beautiful glass pendants to wear

2009.11 Bronwyn Fairweather teen workshop

Bronwyn is 13 years old and came in to complete the Teen program. Having a great time she produced round beads and perfect dots, well done Bronwyn

2009.10.13 Fusing coasters

Bronwyn's husband purchased a voucher for her to do the coasters workshop, she brought her friend Alicia with her and amazing results came from the day

2009.09.23 Sam & Mom Mini lampworking workshop

Sam treated her mum Jayne to a mini lampworking workshop and we had a lot of fun

2009.09.11 Maria & Pauline Fusing

faced with some free time during a conference, Maria and Pauline came to the studio to make their own coasters, great workshop and very challenging

2009.09.14 Lynda Taylor 1on1

Lynda won the First place prize at the Beadhold annual competition, caliming her prize we had a 1on1 session that was amazing with great results.

2009.09.05 Introduction lampworking workshop

Full workshop with catherine, Laurel, Tracey, Judy and Stephanie. What a laugh every minute with this workshop we had so much fun!

2009.08.10 Vicky & Trish Fusing Pendants

Vicky brought her sister Trish to the studio for some sister love and recreation. They both made amazing pieces I especially enjoyed the cat pendant!

2009.08.01 Beginners Lampworking workshop

Trish, Lynn, Sandra and Robyn joined us for the two day lampworking workshop. Fabulous session with some amazing results, we had a great time, well done ladies

2009.07.06 Fusing workshop

Evan, Justin, Sheena and Bennie all came to try their hand at fusing with something interesting results. Using enamel powders, tack fusing and full fusing techniques, they went home with fabulous pendants

2009.06.28 Karen Irwin Organic workshop

A full workshop with Helen, Liz, Bobbie, Kari and myself enjoying the fantastic workshops of Karen Irwin. Who knew organic beads could be so challenging?

2009.06.14 Beginners Day 2

Jo and Bobbie completing their second day of the Beginners workshop

2009.06.13 Beginners workshop

Jo, Leeanne, Frances and Trudy all joined us for the first day glass beadmaking. This was a great day thank you for the efforts ladies

2009.04.18 Beginners workshop

Husband and wife Dan and Phillipa joined Helen for the beginners workshop. All three produced round beads on their first day WOW

2009.05 Natasha Simm

Natasha flew up from Timaru to learn how to make her own beads. She is also New Zealand's first woman glazier, We LOVE that!

2009.05 Jude Mitchell 1on1

In preparation for the Bead week Jude booked some one on one time to learn how to shape beads and basic skills

2009.05 Kathryn Wardill Bead Week

Annie Rose Bead week 2009 had kathryn Wardill as guest tutor. What an amazing lady, teacher and workshop. Emily Lake was also teaching and always gave a stellar performance with dichro baby

2009.04.18 Intro lampworking

Helen, Dan and Paula joined us for their first day of beadmaking and what amazing results, excellent work

2009.04.06 Irene 1on1

Irene came to NZ on conference and decided to try her hand at beadmaking. Great effort Irene I hope you find a studio in Canada