Healing, spirituality & friendships

2011 and who saw that coming?!?

It doesn’t matter who you speak to they all agree, 2011 followed 2009 and what the hell happened to 2010?

I was sitting on my loo looking at my calendar remembering the day Helen said “that calendar is awful you need something more interesting” well I didn’t get to change it and the year has passed already. My theory is we weren’t just busy ourselves but the world was busy, there was so much going on around us that we feel like it happened in our lives and for some unfortunate few it happend to them.

Most I have spoken to have new year resolutions to simply slow down, take stock and try get through 2011 at less than light speed. When I asked one friend what his resolution was he said “get drunk a few times” I asked what kind of resolution is that, his reply “achievable”

I myself had my tarot cards read for the first time ever, the message was clear Healing, Spirituality and Friendships. Quite timely with my surgery due at the end of January, Healing sounds great. I have also decided to find my inner voice and have booked meditation classes at the Buddhist temple up the road. I started running today, and have decided to spend as much time with friends as possible.

I am so looking forward to this year, I have decided to spend the whole year focusing on upskilling, creating designs for me (finally have my own jewellery to wear) and to explore colour.

This is very timeous given Anastasia is our guest tutor for Bead week. That is an event I cannot wait for, Helen, Kari and I have been lusting over her beads since we started and now finally meeting her is a reality. I contacted other studios who have had Anastasia teach. The feedback is she is a technical methodical tutor that will leave you with skills not just ideas so I am looking forward to that.

I have also decided to run Bead Week at near cost, hopefully we will be able to secure local tutors and offer the workshops at a very affordable rate so we can teach as many as possible as that is what it is all about… learning and loving glass

If you want to come up I have some accommodation available, tent sites in my garden and maybe others in Auckland will offer space in their homes to accomodate as many as possible… watch this space 🙂

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