Anastasia Coming to New Zealand June 2011


$1400 includes materials listed below, some tools must be provided by the student
Duration: Saturday 4th June – Monday 6th June 2011 from 09h00 – 17h30 per day
Where: Born to Bead studio 12 Minaret Drive Bucklands Beach Auckland

This class schedule includes:

“Tree beads”

Focusing onto the use of hair-thin stringers, the class will contain every step necessary to make a focal bead with a complete design.

–       how to use hair-thin stringers (includes drawing of lines from every angle and tiny dots)

–       how does it work on different backgrounds, such as opaque or transparent glass, or on enamels

–       focal shaping for imagery

–       background design (use of enamel, thin stringers, frit, silver leaf, different glass colour reactions and advice)

–       how to draw a tree off glass on glass

–       different ways to create leaves (tiny dots, enamel, both)

–       use of  two-colour stringers definition of a tree



Focusing on different ways to use enamels, this class also contains techniques like leaves, floral elements and murrini, with the end result being a focal bead.

–       Easy to apply enamels (including safety!!!)

–       different ways of heating the applied enamels

–       applying different layers of enamels and mixing colours

–       enamels on different backgrounds/colour reactions

–       enamels and transparent stringers (dots, stripes)

–       separating colours from each other

–       cutting technique

–       enamels inside of a bead (resulting into a spiral)

–       techniques for creating leaves and flower petals

–       murrini cane applications

“Ocean shapes”

Focusing on shaping, this class includes different techniques to create organic/abstract shapes in beads, concentrates on heat control, but also on other components like canes/murrini…all of them related to the ocean.

–       squeezing without using a press (masher, paddle)

–       compensating design for using different  glass in a shape (for example ivory=soft, clear=not that soft)

–       creating different layers of sculptural components on the front side of the bead and keeping them in balance

–       shaping by adding and removing glass techniques

–       application of enamels and their influence onto a shape (introduction)

–       hair thin stringers in creating ocean movements and designs

–       cutting and pushing techniques

–       pulling technique

–       creating waves

–       Creating sculptural elements by using thick stringers (heat control!)

–       sculpturing of holes

–       corals (on the surface of the bead and small coral shaped beads)

–       tide pools

–       creating different murrini and cane and using them in beads

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