CiM – Rose Quartz

Basic behaviour
What an amazing colour, finally a COE104 pink that is stable and sexy! the behaviour in the flame is much the same as Gelly’s Sty in other words you can get it hot as hell and it won’t burn out. A translucent colour it is neither opaque nor transparent, just a very pretty soft pink.

Tips and Tricks
As it is not fully opaque it is best used as the core bead. I have also encased Rose Quartz in Rubino oro, clear and Amethyste all create a beautiful shade. As a stringer I would suggest using it over the top of an opaque colour even white to offer just a slight shading of pink. The darker the opaque colour the more likely it will affect the pinkness of Rose quartz.  I have found that you would need to have a highlighting colour under it if using for dots and spots as it is not a solid opaque colour and can dissipate if used over a dark colour

Complimentary colours
I have used it so far with Effetre Dark Red, Kryptonite and Effetre Light Grey.


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