CiM Clockwork Orange

This is an amazing colour and I’m addicted. When you first view the glass rod you are not sure if it is opaque or transparent. I have listed it as an opaque on my website as I cannot decide.

What I do know is this colour is so vibrant and delightful. In the flame it appears to shift from transparent to opaque depending on how hot the glass gets. In a neutral flame the glass appears to be translucent not quite fully transparent but definitely not a solid colour. In a reduction flame it appears to shift to being more opaque.

The glass melts easily and can handle some punishment without burning out. It holds it’s colour in stringer form or being used as a base colour. It etches easily and you can get a decent frost within 5 minutes of etching. All round a very easy colour to work with.

Give it a go and post your comments here I’d be interested to see what you think about it.

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