Laurie Caroll’s studio

Today I was very fortunate to get a hot cup of tea some awesome conversation and a peek into Laurie Caroll’s newly bought studio.

Laurie has purchased a small shed as per his post you can see how the construction was done. The cool thing about the shed he bought is you don’t need foundations to build it on the floor is raised and wooden. The other cool thing about his new studio is the natural light with the three small windows he opted for.

Laurie has been investing is some funky tools which I wanted to share with you and hopefully he’ll put the suppliers on the post where he sourced these fabulous ideas from. The first is the Creation Station, what a wicked setup! It comes with two elbow rests and two wrist rests so you have your whole arm supported while beading.

The second funky tool is a rotary tool in which you insert your nadrel and it turn the bead for you without you developing thumb rsi. Very clever device that has varying sizes for different mandrels, and also has variable speeds so you can have it turn slowly or fast. very clever.

I also really liked his new torch, wanting to get into boro sculpture (if anyone knows of great tutors for this in NZ please let Laurie know) so he purchased this torch. Holy heck it looks industrial and masculine so I had to get a photo of it 🙂

Thanks Laurie it was really fantastic to meet you finally and see your very cool setup.

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