Bead release Mud or magic

Bead Release we all have our days don’t we. It’s a little like mixing paint either too much or too little but every now and then we find our mixture, that perfect balance between bead release and water. However, it doesn’t always stay that way, as you use your release the water gets less and the release thickens. I like to mix my release on the slightly watery side. Too thick and I find that I have issues with it cracking when heating it. Any comments here would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I have noticed with bead release is the lumpy aspect. Many of my students who now dip their own mandrels simply use the release mixed with a spoon. I take the time to use an hand held food processor (not to be used with food once dedicated to the studio and annexed from the kitchen). I blend my bead release to get a smooth baby food consistency. This process does however create bubbles in the release. I then bang the bottle on the table and the bubbles up to the surface. Ensure you tap the bottle on the table every time you mix or use your release. The blending means no lumps which means when cleaning your core out you don’t have speckled white spots to content with.

The other thing I have noticed is that the water separates from the release over time of being sttled so when you dip the mandrel you get a very see-through coating, so you will always have to stir it up just like paint before painting.

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