April 2009 Beads of Courage

What an amazing day we couldn’t have asked for a better day in weather. Did anyone else notice that Sunny Sydney is flooding and Rainy Auckland is sunbathing… I’m just saying I noticed it

The day started with an unreal show of volunteers for the Beads of Courage program. The Times article has generated a wonderful increase in interest to help us donate beads to the Child Cancer Foundation. The CCF let the children in our know we had the day happening and we had a few visitors come over to see how their beads are made. A big thank you to everyone for the help and visitation. It was fantastic for us as artists to meet children that are directly benefiting from the program. Now us lampworkers have to get melting as we need way more beads than volunteers, don’t clean your beads as we can do that on the day of the next BOC.

The team who volunteered with Beads of Courage a big thanks to everyone it was much appreciated. here we have Sean getting initiated by Karilea in the art of grinning and bearing it when a rod experiences thermal shock here we have everyone hard at work, Debbie and Eva cutting and packing, Frances, Helen, Kari and Liz lampworking and me being totally paparazzi . Happy children helping Debbie package beads, all in all a very successful Beads of Courage day and hopefully we’ll have many more as productive as this day, we have packaged up an additional 30 beads so it’s very exciting that we can actively contribute. Annie Rose were very kind enough not only to shut shop and join us (MWHA I love you guys) but they also donated a whole heap of beads for the program.

I am unsure how to handle money donations as we are really running this program as a voluntary program, however we need to pay for boxes for the Butterfly beads. I am looking to negotiate a manner in which you can purchase the boxes from the company who provides them as part of your donations. Stay posted I’ll be emailing you all to ask for your help with this.

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