Welcome to the Born to Bead studio, thank you for visiting. The Born to Bead studio is a fun, exciting and mysterious haven in which you can explore your creativity. Born to Bead studio is dedicated to making the dream of becoming a glass artist a reality.

Fun, funky and fabulous workshops will bring you closer to this dream

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Studio facilities, studio equipment and photo gallery

Beads of Courage
Child Cancer Foundation program to help children with cancer cope with their journey

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Welcome to the world of Glass Beadmaking. The ancient art has over the years moved from a secret world closely guarded with the threat of death, to the more modern approach of sharing it with anyone who wishes to learn.

My workshops will teach you the basics and empower you to be able to setup your own studio and create your own glass beads. There workshop is aimed at teaching you how to effectively set up your own glass studio and the hazards and safety requirements for you to be able to make beads in your own home studio. This section relates to workshops within a commercial studio that is setup as a safe working environment.

We have various workshops catering for all levels of learning. . You must be able to conduct yourself safely in the studio. Reasonable health and mobility in both hands is a requirement to participate. Please check with your doctor if you have any questions.

Lampworking Workshops

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Due to the lifestyle change since the arrival of my beautiful young son, Jordan, I am only taking one on one tuition. A full weekend workshop is $450 and can be booked at a time that suits both parties. Please complete the enquiry form

Student Area

Welcome to the Born to Bead student section of our website

In this section you will have access to information about lampworking, resources and tutorials.

Workshop Photos

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Student Toolbox

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Studio Info


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12 Minaret Drive, Bucklands Beach, Auckland
Bus route: catch the Howick and Eastern bus service at Panmure Train Station bus 552, disembark at the corner of Bucklands Beach Road and Gills Road. Walk up Gills Road past the veterinary. First right into Minaret and 12 is on the left hand side. 

Ferry Route: catch the Halfmoon Bay ferry from Auckland Central. Pre-arranged bookings will be collected from the Halfmoon Bay ferry terminal. Alternatively catch the 552 bus, disembark on Priestley Drive and walk down Bucklands Beach Road past the veterinary, turn left into Gills Road. First right into Minaret and 12 is on the left hand side. 

Studio Phone: +64 (09) 535 2280
Lisa-Jane Mobile: +64 (021) 050 3493

Studio Equipment:

The studio is fully equipped for you to make your own glass beads, fuse glass pendants, coasters and plates, and learn how to create your own fine jewellery with Art Clay silver. Workshops taken will give you access to all studio equipment relating to the course outline. We provide you with all your glass and tool requirements and when you do step up to setting up your own studio, Born to Bead is your one stop shop for advise on how to setup your home studio. 

Comprising of 6 fully comprehensive seats for lampworking with the following:
Mini carlisle torches
2 Kilns used for annealing beads, fusing, small item casting
Graphite tools to shape press and marver beads
Zoozi press for lentil shaping
Grinder for cold working and bead facetting (The cold working course is a pre-requisite before use)
Bead cleaning reaming file both manual and battery operated
Acid etch 


Studio Facilities

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Studio Development

Developing the studio was amazing, we had so many things to do, create a wall, dig a drain, fit a fan, install gas, implement ventilation, just an incredible journey

Beads of Courage

This is an extraordinary program that allows children to have a sense of accomplishment and rewards for the hardships they endure when undergoing treatment for cancer. The Born to Bead studio takes it to heart and is providing a program that can offer you the opportunity to not just contribute financially but to give the gift of beautifully made and carefully created Glass Beads.

Very often money is donated but the giver does not get to offer a tangible something special. The Beads of Courage program gives you the ability to give a gift not just financial but spiritual and one that has meaning for the childs’ journey.

Smashing a World Record!

As a lampworker (torch glass artist) I have over the years contributed beads to this incredible program. Lampworkers make the Act of Courage beads for the program around the world. I have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal – Smash the world record for the longest strand of beads in the world.

The current record is 9,520.29 M and with the help of the lampworking community I hope to set the record to 1km of lampworked glass beads for the program. This will take approximately 100,000 beads, or 1500 artists donating 60 – 100 beads each! eeeek.

How can I help as an artist?

Not all of us however can be glass artists and participate in the World Record attempt so if you want to be part of the program, please head to my fundraising page donate $1 for a bead, if we can raise $100,000 for the program, won’t that be something to be a part of.

How can I help as an artist?

Calling all artists!! I need as much help as I can from the wider lampworking community. 100,000 beads will get us across the 1km mark and smash the current world record. I’m currently setting up a page for the whole event. Ideally if you want to participate it would be awesome to use the Facebook page to message me and we can post your creations as you create them online for all to see.

Born to Bead and Beads of Courage in the News

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MaryTV came to the studio to highlight the Beads of Courage program and Born to Bead’s involvement and support of the program. very rarely does a company get to support a charity where the whole charity drive is based on the company’s product. This unique opportunity for Born to bead and lampwork artists alike to participate and give their art to a child who is directly affected is an amazing gift for us and we are very proud to be sharing glass for such a worth cause.

Howick and Pakuranga Times: GLASS BEADS were used as trinkets of affection and symbols of status and beauty in ancient China, in the Warring States period from the 5th century BC. FLAMING PASSION: Lisa-Jane Harvey with a selection of heat-processed beads made by herself and students… read article

Howick and Pakuranga Times GIFT OF GLASS: Carol Croucher contributes time and skill for cancer kids. To add a twinkle to their day and help little patients deal with treatments, tests and often fear, the Beads of Courage programme was adopted in New Zealand this year… read article